About Us


We have been manufacturing telescope mounting and moving systems for almost 25 years. The first columns being the basic equipment of astronomic observatories were introduced into production at the turn of the 90s and 2000s. These products were developed along with the increasing possibilities of our machinery park and are now becoming a very advanced product. Since 2010, we have been manufacturing OEM parts for large global networks with astronomical products such as NimaxAstro-Shop, and for the Canadian manufacturer of astronomical domes NexDome

Our products are a result of passion for three things: astronomy, mechanical engineering and design. After 2010 and before 2020, our main goal was to develop the CNC machinery park and acquiring modern digital technologies for metalworking and machine construction. In that time range our second goal was the production of devices and products. In 2019, we decided this arming process is almost complete and we want to gather all our astronomical products with the greatest potential for serial production. In 2020 The BrightStar brand came to life. Telescope pillars with mount adapters and dolly trolleys are not everything we have to offer.  Our workshop has been manufacturing commercial sightseeing tower viewers used in the tourism industry (touristbinocularshop.com) since 1986. These optical devices are fully resistant to weather conditions, made for robustly use and desined to last for years of heavy duty. In 2020 We have decided to create a new series called “Horizon Scopes” and include it into BrihtStar brand.

After nearly 40 years in the metal industry, using conventional machining techniques and over 12 years of intensive development in the field of CNC machining, we have the following equipment in our machinery park: CNC lathes and mills, 4-axis CNC plasma cutter (for cutting shapes in sheets and pipes), stamping and edge presses, CNC bending machines, vibro-abrasive machining, drum deburring machine, blast-abrasive processing, fiber laser marking machine for applying graphics, MAG and TIG welding machines, heat treatment furnace, and more… BrightStar cares not only about reliability, but about atractive look and aesthetics also so the best software is extreme important. Our workshop designs using very powerful tool – SolidWorks and CamWorks.

BrightStar is currently implementing systems and technologies that allow to manufacture high-end quality products, and this is our goal for the present and incoming years. If you have any new ideas or you think there is a potencial for manufacturing any new product that can be made in our workshop please don’t hasitate to tell us about it;)


Looking into the future we never lose sight of where we have come from. We have been manufacturing optical scopes and astronomical equipment for almost 40 years. 


Heavy duty solutions, great looking design, best materials selected for manufacturing, hardworking team. The latest  technologies and digital CNC manufacturing. 100% European products.


Our workshop is always ready to manufacture and repair. Tools and spare parts available.


Our customer’s success is our priority. Create an even brighter future with BrightStar!