Column for Telescope BrightStar Nightrunner, HD Pier for EQ8 HDX



  • Most popular BrightStar pillar stand designed for SkyWatcher EQ8 and Orion HDX
  • You can change adapters, compatible with all NightRunner adapters
  • Large 219 mm diameter pipe
  • Standard height: 880mm + adapter height (30-50 mm)
  • Custom height extension avaible (250mm is popular)
  • 6 pcs M12 top screws
  • All screws are stainless
  • Fixing to the floor with 8 pcs 10-14mm diameter anchorage system (16 mm holes in the bottom plate)
  • You can hide wires inside, 5 pcs holes for wires
  • 8 mm thick steel plates
  • 2 top steel plates with adapter can be fully 360 deg. rotated
  • Continious MAG welds with extreme big notch hancrafted by our welding master Martin (he is from another planet)
  • Galvanized
  • Structural powder painting
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Tools included


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