Tripod Heavy Duty Dolly for max 150kg



Tripod Dolly / Wheeley Bars / Trolley / Cart is a device with wheels used to transport the telescope from the storage place to the place of observation. If you don’t own the observatory dome and you want keep your equipment assembled and ready to use just put the whole set on the BrightStar Dolly and you will save a lot of time when getting ready to observation. This reliable troley is designed for tripod and telescope with centre of the mass located above the geometric centre of the dolly (approx. over the joining plates in the middle). There is fast and easy way to check it – just assembly your whole set an put your home scales below every of 3 tripod tips. If the diffrence in readings is not more than 20% everything will be great.


  • Maximum weight of carried equipment: 150 kg
  • Adjustment for tripods tip-to-tip distance: 840 mm – 1130 mm
  • Support with precision trapezoidal 22mm screws
  • Locking and completely releasing for fast screw movement
  • 75mm wheels with brakes and brake locks
  • Belts with clamps to attach the tripod to the dolly
  • Special low profile design – the tips are pointed down to reduce lifting of the whole set.


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